Atakom LTD headquarters consist of 4 sections. These are, administrative, personnel, storage and maintenance sections.

Administrative section:

In this section of our headquarters, all the office work, accounting, importing, public relations, archive and all the other administrative operations are done. All our operations are digitally made and all of our teams are connected to each other through an online network.

Personnel section:

In this section all needs of our working personnel are met. Personnel cafeteria, break areas, shower and changing rooms are fitted within.

Storage section:

Our storage section consists of three sub-sections such as dry storage, cold storage and frozen storage. Dry storage contains a shelved storage system for pallets. Milk and dairy products are stored in cold storage and frozen vegetables, fruits, pastry and meat products are stored in our frozen storage facilities.

Maintenance section:

In this section, fridges and freezers distributed by our company to authorized re-sellers gets maintained as well as our own distribution and sales vehicles.