About Atakom LTD.

O perating since 1991, our company has been shaping the future of commerce in Cyprus by bringing long lasting, radical changes to the sector. From the early days, as İpekom LTD, until today, we have made a habit of offering people of Cyprus carefully selected, good quality and the most trustworthy goods and we kept that habit ever since.

In 2007, by mutual agreement by the partners of that time period, the company was discontinued and the team that put together the legendary Ipekom LTD came together once again with 16 years of experience, and created Atakom LTD. Since 2007, we have been serving our customers with fine knowledge that came with our 16 years of experience.

Operating in Fast Consumed Products market, our company serves the public in accordance with the specifications that a wide range of products bring. Our storage facilities are designed by following the latest technology around the world and it is probably the most equipped and up to date facility on the island.

All our operations are computer based. From the moment our marketing team picks up an order and until that order is delivered to the customer, every step is recorded and supervised closely for a better service for our customers. It makes us proud knowing that we are one of few companies that can make daily deliveries around the island that can last four to eight hours on the road.

Since the day our company was founded we are constantly investing in new technology and on our workers to keep our promise of providing the best quality and the best service to our community. Our workers from all departments get compulsory training every three months. If need be, our workers are sent to special training programs according to their responsibilities and the training needed to perform their duties well and develop their skills.